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Put a new spin on your dreary wash routine. Natural minerals that are tough on stains and gentle on your baby and the environment are the core of all of our detergents. Make greener choices with our full line of eco concious products that are super fresh and oh so socially responsible.

Your Washer and You

Washing your diapers would not be possible- or a whole heck of a lot harder- without your trusty friend the washing machine.  Like their human counterparts, washers come in all sizes, shapes, colors, temperaments...heck –they even have cycles!  Just a little laundry humor…moving on!  Washers can be your best friends and your worst nightmare, but in most situations you can learn to work with what you’ve got! 

Every washer is different.  I get tons of questions about what washer I would recommend, what washer is best for cloth diapers, how do I wash my diapers in (insert random brand) washer…you get the picture.   My usual answer is “ I have no idea”.   What I do know is how to get the most out of your washer when it comes to getting diapers clean.  

There are 4 major variables in a washing routine regardless of what type of washer you own:  Amount of water you are using in your washer, The amount/type of detergent you are using in your wash routine, How much are the diapers being agitated, and finally the X factor, but we’ll get to that later.

Let’s start with how much water you use in your wash routine!  In order to prevent odor, build up, and stains you need enough clean water to properly rinse your diapers.  This can pose challenging for those with HE or Frontloading washers.  By their very nature, these washers are made to conserve water and use the least amount possible to get your clothing clean.   If you are having trouble with getting your diapers really clean in an HE washer there are a few simple tricks you can try to get more water in your wash.

1.Add 2 sopping wet towels in with your diapers.  This can sometimes add just enough extra water to your wash routine to get your dipes clean.

2.Add an extra rinse at the end of your wash.

3.Try washing fewer diapers do there is less to clean.

4.Use two short wash cycles rather than one long one so you get more clean water in your cycle. 

5.If you can’t seem to get poop out of your diapers at the end of a wash, you want to try to use disposable liners.  You may just not be able to get enough water in your washer to completely rinse out all you need to.

6.Use a soapless detergent.  Soapless and low sud detergents need less water to be rinsed completely from your laundry.

Same goes for a top loader as well.  I am notorious for not doing laundry as often as I should and then cram my whole stash into the washer.  Limit your diaper washing to 12-24 diapers and you should be all set.

Next  on to types of detergent.  If you are struggling with issues of odor, rash, or ammonia it may or may not be your detergent.  Detergents that contain soap, dyes, fabric softeners, heavy perfumes etc. are notorious for clogging your diapers and causing them to smell and repel.   Most cloth diapering mamas know to use about half the amount of detergent that the box tells us to.  However, if you have hard water or are washing  lot of diapers at once  you may not be using enough detergent.  It isn’t always your detergent, but it never hurts to experiment if you are having issues with your wash routine.

Moving on to agitation! Making sure your diapers are getting enough agitation in the wash means insuring that those diapers move around enough!  This  gets  water moving  through the fabrics and jostle off any remaining poop particles.  Agitation and enough water are key to making sure your diapers don’t smell of ammonia.  To get more agitation action in your wash, try these tips:

1.Reduce the amount of diapers you have in the wash at one time.  If there are too many you can create a bit of a traffic jam.

2.Add more water to your wash.  Your agitation is only as good as the amount of water you have.

3.If you can, lengthen your wash cycle or run your wash cycle twice.  Old washers can lose their oomph and you may need an extra go around.

Finally- we come to the x factor.  Sometimes our wash routines just don’t work.  It could be the washer, our detergent, our baby’s asparagus lunch…or that mars is in retrograde. Here are a few “when all else fails” last ditch attempts to figure out what might be causing your diapers to be not so fresh.

1.Wash your washer.  Bacteria and soap scum can build up in your washer, causing odor and just plain yuck.  Add a ¼ cup of bleach to an empty washer. Run your washer through a few cycles without any laundry or detergent. You can also buy discs specifically for washing your washer.

2.Turn your pockets inside out and see what’s inside. Sometimes bits of poop, an errant piece of poop covered lint, or wipe can get caught up inside a pocket diaper.  Over time this can start to smell.  No harm in poking around in there!

3.Turn up the heat on your water heater. A little hotter water may just be what the doctor ordered.

4.Disinfect your diapers with an oxygen bleach soak or strip your diapers and start from scratch.

5.Read the manual for your washer- you may surprised what you find out!

6.My favorite tip of all comes from a mama who just couldn’t seem to get all her diapers clean enough in her HE front loader.  She picked up a top loading washer from a yard sale for 50$ and only uses it to wash her diapers.  Couldn’t hurt!

Now don’t get overwhelmed by all these variables!  You can always tackle one at a time until you find out what ails your diapers.   And remember, we are all pulling for you.

Our Mission

Our mission at Ruby Moon is to provide you with an affordable, gentle on the earth and your skin, tough on stains and odor, line of products. All of our products and packaging are made with natural and biodegradable ingredients.  We rigorously test our products and would never sell you anything that we wouldn't use on our own families.  

Our Story

We never thought we would be making laundry detergent.  But like a lot of things in life, necessity is the mother of invention.   After my daughter was born, I fell in love with two things- my gorgeous baby and her gorgeous cloth diapers.  However, my little one has eczema that was only made worse by the “baby” laundry detergent with it’s too-strong odor and harsh chemicals.  I couldn’t wash my diapers in the stuff- nor did I want to- but I couldn’t find ANYTHING in the grocery store that didn’t cause my diapers to leak or  ( unbelievably) stink even worse!  Not to mention the negative ecological impact all those chemicals had on our environment! SO, as we all do I went online to purchase the premier cloth diaper detergent.  I was so excited to use their products! Until,that is, I read the ingredients. Half of the label was vague, industrial, chemical sounding words that frankly- sounded just like the detergent I was running away from.  When I contacted the companies, they refused to tell me what exactly was in their products.  I am all for protecting your product’s formula- but this is my baby! What touches her more than her cloth diaper! I needed to know what was in the product I was buying.  I was at an impasse.  I had REALLY stinky diapers and a baby whose skin was not too happy about the detergent we were using.  I had a decision to make: Give up cloth diapering or make my own detergent.  I chose the latter.  After months of research and lots of laundry, I came up with a concoction that is safe for my babies tender skin, safe for my cloth diapers, and ecologically friendly.  I began sharing the detergents with friends, family, and other cloth diapering Mamas. They all raved about how clean their diapers and clothes were and encouraged me to go into business.  Opportunity knocks only so many times before it moves on to someone who will listen, so I decided to listen to all my laundry detergent lovers.  With the help of my family and tester/snuggler extraordinaire, Ruby Grace, Ruby Moon Natural Laundry was born.  Look at that gorgeous baby! I can't think of a better reason to make our families and the Earth a little healthier!

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