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Put a new spin on your dreary wash routine. Natural minerals that are tough on stains and gentle on your baby and the environment are the core of all of our detergents. Make greener choices with our full line of eco concious products that are super fresh and oh so socially responsible.

Dear Hard Water, I hate you.

So many mamas email me with their hard water woes.  Out of all the questions and complaints about cloth diapering- hard water seems to be the lions share of the frustration.  More than 85% of households have hard water, making this a common issue for most cloth diapering moms. Knowing what type of water you have and how to best wash your diapers is key to successful cloth diapering.  

Let’s start off with “What is hard water?".  Hard water is water that has a lot of minerals in it.  Most often those minerals are from limestone and chalk deposits that leech into your water supply.  Areas of the country that have large underground naturally occurring deposits of limestone, chalk, and dolomite, like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and southern California, are notorious for hard water.   All of these minerals block the emulsifying action that soap detergents use to clean fabric, leaving a soap scum behind. 

There are a few different ways to tell if you have hard water.  A simple test is the “lather” test.  Take a bar of soap or toothpaste and run it under your water.  Try to get it to lather or froth. If your soap or toothpaste will lather easily you have soft water.  If you have to rub like the dickens to see even a bubble- you have hard water.  You can order all kinds of expensive tests, but this is probably the easiest and cheapest way to uncover your water type.  Also, if you own the home you are living in- check the home inspection for a water quality test as it is often part of the water quality disclosure.

Hard water is the pits, but you can work through it in most cases.  Here are a few tricks to try softening your water:

1.It may seem counter intuitive, but add more laundry detergent to your wash routine. In order to counteract minerals blocking your soapy action, you need more soap to fight the good fight.  Try adding a tablespoon more detergent until you get the right amount.  

2.Soapless detergents are great for hardwater.  If there is no soap- you have no scummy soap buildup and only ingredients that won’t leave a residue on your diapers. SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT! Ruby Moon Cloth Diaper Detergent does not contain any soap and works fabulously in hard water.  We have terribly hard water and all of our white clothes and tub turned pink from the iron deposit. A few washes in our detergent and they were as good as new!

3.Buy an ion exchange water softener.  You can install one of these bad boys in your home and it will soften all the water that comes into your house. Those with worries about eating too much salt should talk with their doctors prior to installing this kind of equipment, as it increases sodium levels in consumable water.

4.Add a 1/8 to  ¼ cup of washing soda to your diaper routine. Washing soda softens water and is great at lifting stains and keeping your diapers sparkly.

5.Buy a water conditioner like Calgon or RLR to use in your washing routine. These are both water softeners and can be very helpful.

6.Strip your diapers often to get all the scum and buildup from wreaking havoc.

Hard water is no fun, especially with cloth diapers.  I would love to hear how you deal with your hard water. You never know- you may just help another mama from throwing in the towel. No pun intended…

Our Mission

Our mission at Ruby Moon is to provide you with an affordable, gentle on the earth and your skin, tough on stains and odor, line of products. All of our products and packaging are made with natural and biodegradable ingredients.  We rigorously test our products and would never sell you anything that we wouldn't use on our own families.  

Our Story

We never thought we would be making laundry detergent.  But like a lot of things in life, necessity is the mother of invention.   After my daughter was born, I fell in love with two things- my gorgeous baby and her gorgeous cloth diapers.  However, my little one has eczema that was only made worse by the “baby” laundry detergent with it’s too-strong odor and harsh chemicals.  I couldn’t wash my diapers in the stuff- nor did I want to- but I couldn’t find ANYTHING in the grocery store that didn’t cause my diapers to leak or  ( unbelievably) stink even worse!  Not to mention the negative ecological impact all those chemicals had on our environment! SO, as we all do I went online to purchase the premier cloth diaper detergent.  I was so excited to use their products! Until,that is, I read the ingredients. Half of the label was vague, industrial, chemical sounding words that frankly- sounded just like the detergent I was running away from.  When I contacted the companies, they refused to tell me what exactly was in their products.  I am all for protecting your product’s formula- but this is my baby! What touches her more than her cloth diaper! I needed to know what was in the product I was buying.  I was at an impasse.  I had REALLY stinky diapers and a baby whose skin was not too happy about the detergent we were using.  I had a decision to make: Give up cloth diapering or make my own detergent.  I chose the latter.  After months of research and lots of laundry, I came up with a concoction that is safe for my babies tender skin, safe for my cloth diapers, and ecologically friendly.  I began sharing the detergents with friends, family, and other cloth diapering Mamas. They all raved about how clean their diapers and clothes were and encouraged me to go into business.  Opportunity knocks only so many times before it moves on to someone who will listen, so I decided to listen to all my laundry detergent lovers.  With the help of my family and tester/snuggler extraordinaire, Ruby Grace, Ruby Moon Natural Laundry was born.  Look at that gorgeous baby! I can't think of a better reason to make our families and the Earth a little healthier!

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